Despite the loss of Blackwell, Hillmen backfield still Loaded

Placer’s backfield has been shredding through opposing defenses early on this season, racking up 1299 yards and 23 touchdowns on the ground.  As they prepare to take on Vista Del Lago tonight, the offense will be without one of it’s big offensive weapons, Cole Blackwell (241 yards, 9 TDs) who is out with a knee injury. However, despite the loss of Blackwell, the Hillmen backfield is still loaded. RBs Anthony Hess (225 yards, 1 TD),  Anthony Pierce (204 yards, 2 TDs),  Owen Scott (160 yards, and two TDs), Logan Markstien (150 yards, 2 TDs) and Blackwell’s replacement Jared Halbert (187 yards, 5 TDs) are more than capable of carrying the load for the Hillmen. To read more about Placer’s running back depth and how they plan to account for the loss of Blackwell, check out today’s Auburn Journal

With Blackwell out, it’s next Hillman up for Placer football

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