What it means to be a Hillmen: In the words of former Player Chris James

High School football teaches boys many valuable life lessons, which help shape not only who they are today, but what they will eventually become.  Below is exactly what it means to be a Hillmen in the words of former player Chris James, class of 2012.

I got this tattoo back in May and still do not regret it to this day. To some people it may just be a number but to me its meaning is much deeper than that. Football was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was not going down a great path before highschool and really had no purpose. No where I fit in. I had friends but not all of them were good people. Football gave me a reason to do well in school and in life in general. It gave me a reason to be the best I could. It also gave me a place to feel safe. No matter what was going on when I strapped up I felt at home. My teammates and coaches were like a second family to me. They pushed me beyond my limits and made me realize how strong I could be. Not just physically but mentally. I appreciate every single person I played with, coached me, and supported me or my team. They helped me through a lot and I am eternally grateful. I would do anything for any of my brothers and would have any of their backs. I am happy that I got to experience this thing that a lot of people don’t even get the opportunity to do. I would not give up a single day of it for anything. Football was the best thing that ever happened to me as it kept me from possibly going down a dark path. It helped me realize how hard I can push myself, how important teamwork is, and gave me a place to channel my anger. All of this is represented on my right bicep and I wear it proudly. I am currently working at playing again be it at Sierra or somewhere else and if you do not believe in me then let me know. It will make it a lot sweeter when I do it. And if you do believe in me you can let me know too. If you are not there through my failures do not expect to be there in my success.