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Hillmen Clean Up at at Lift-A-THON

The Hillmen completed their most successful Lift-A-Thon in recent memory Wednesday night.  Led by junior Nathan Rose who cleaned an impressive 295 lbs,  10 players cleaned 240 lbs or more. Others who put up impressive numbers were:  juniors Johnny Capra (270), Ryan Gray (265), Jackson Tate (250), Cole Blackwell (250), Grayson Hoffman (250), Jesse Solis (250),  and Tyler Gums (240). Leading the sophomores were Michael Downen (265),  and Jacob Capra (250). Approximately 90% of the players raised $300 or more to go towards their spirit pack and summer camp at Sac State June 8th-11th. (Photo courtesy of the Auburn Journal) Nathan Rose (top) Michael Downen (bottom)Downen