Wrapping up 2018

By Coach Erik Egan

In football most people define a team’s level of success solely by wins, losses, and championships. While these are all important components of success, the most important element of a team en route to the top of that mountain, is the love players and coaches have for one another, their desire to play for each other, and the fact that they truly want all their brothers to succeed, even if it comes at their expense. This is what made these past 2 years so successful, why they achieved all the great things they did. Their talent on the field was evident week in and week out, but it was/is who they are people……genuine young men who truly cared about those around them both on and off the field who would do anything for you without question that set them apart. They all came from different backgrounds and had different stories which made them unique. But one thing was always constant…..the unconditional love they showed each other as well as myself. Spending 5 days a week with them for 6 plus months out of the year, we shared so many great memories, laughs, and even a few tears. I am sad that the football portion of our time together is over, but I am grateful to you boys for allowing me to be a part of your incredible experience. It’s something I will never forget. In my 20 plus years of being a part of this program, you really are some of the best young men I have been around. We may not take the field together again, but you will always hold a special place in my heart, and the relationships we built will last a lifetime. Know that I love you all. Thank you for the great ride! 

2018 Season Overview
It’s Great to be a Hillman!

Overall Record 12-1

League Record 5-0