Welcome, Hillmen Frosh!

Hello Future Hillmen Football Parents and Players,

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these challenging times. Despite there being a lot of questions about this up and coming season, we wanted to send this email to get out ahead of the optimistic chance we have a season this Fall. First, let me say that your child’s health and safety is our number one concern and we will be vigilant as always to accomplish this.

Traditionally we would meet with your child during the Spring at their school to get out the information about the summer schedule and then would start practice the week after they get out of school on June 8th. During the summer practice the frosh staff implements the base offense and defense, the basic fundamentals and our conditioning program . As of today, we cannot have summer practice until the official start of Fall practice on July 27th but this could change at any point. CIF who mandates our schedule and dead weeks has pushed back the July dead week to July 20th. This means if we get the green light that we are safe to practice we could start up Summer practice at any time. Summer practice would be Monday through Thursday from 3-530.

We are so excited to work with your son/daughter at Placer and their time here will be a life changing experience. If your child is interested in playing football this fall please email our Frosh Head Coach Jim Packheiser at jimpackheiser@yahoo.com

Thank you and Go Hillmen!!

Joey Montoya
Head Football Coach Physical Education Teacher

Find more information on hillmenfootball.org

Dates to plan for:
-June 8-July 17: Summer practice IF we get permission to start. M-Thursday 3-5:30. The pamphlet included will need to be filled out and turned in the first day we start. The price will vary depending on start date.

-July 27th the official start of the season 3pm in the stadium (ending around 5:45) Important note: your child will need to be cleared online through our school by the start of the 27th. This includes getting a physical, filling out the information and also the donation. You can accomplish this at this website: Placer’s main athletic page online. (See the “Athletics Registration” and “Registration Instruction Sheet” links in the center of the page)

August 1st: Stuff the helmet fundraiser (times and locations TBA)